DIY Your Own Décor Pros and Cons

DIY Your Own Décor Pros and Cons

Planning your own wedding is a great way to make sure you get exactly what you want, especially if you are sticking to a budget.  You can compare venues, photographers, caterers, and florists etc. to see which ones will give you what you want for the price that fits your budget.  Also to save money, you are thinking about DIYing your table and venue decorations.  Yes, it can be very cost effective. However, there are many things to consider when making the choice to do your own decorations.  Here are some Pros and Cons to think about.


  • You can purchase the necessary items at a reasonable cost.  Stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree have many items that make great decorations!  There are many online sites to purchase linens and other wedding related items without breaking the bank as well as social media groups where brides sell their gently used items for less than the retail cost.
  • You and your friends/family are very crafty and like DIY projects.  If you like making signs and putting together unique centerpieces, then you will enjoy the time spent creating.
  • If you are choosing to have silk flowers, doing it yourself can allow you to start way ahead of time in creating your bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and arrangements.  Silk flowers are easier to transport as well!


  • You may save money by purchasing decorating items for your wedding yourself.  However, what is your plan for them after the wedding?  Are you going to sell them to another bride?  Even though we may be on the down slope of this pandemic and more couples are having their weddings, you may not be able to sell everything as you planned.  What will you do with the items you cannot sell?
  • Have you considered transporting your decorations to the venue?  Some brides get excited and create or purchase many things for use at their weddings.  Will you be able to get everything there in one trip?  Will you have to ask others to help you or ask them to do it for you?  When will the venue allow you to bring them?  Will this take time away from participating in the fun and relaxing parts of preparing for a wedding like getting a mani/pedi, getting your hair and makeup done, relaxing with your bridesmaids before the wedding starts?  You cannot be in two places at the same time and if you are worrying about the decorations for the venue, you will not have time for the fun things.
  • On the day of the wedding, who will be doing the actual decorating?  If you do it yourself, you will not be able to get yourself ready in time to take pictures before the wedding.  Most venues will not open at the crack of dawn to allow you to get in to set up in enough time to allow you the time necessary to get yourself ready.  Remember that everyone else in the wedding party and others participating in the ceremony (like parents) will also need time to get ready.  You are lucky if you have someone who is willing to come and do the manual labor of setting up.
  • You may think using silk flowers and doing them yourself will be saving you money, but do you have all the materials you will need to put them together?  If not, you will have to purchase the additional items that you will need which adds to the cost.  Your silk flowers could end up costing the same or more than having real flowers designed by a florist or stylist.
  • As for linens (tablecloths, napkins, table runners etc.), yes you can purchase them very inexpensively on- line or gently used from another bride.  However, don’t forget that they have to be laundered before and after the wedding (especially if you plan on selling them).  To get them ready to use, they must also be pressed or steamed.  This will involve either a lot of time to do it yourself or extra money to pay a dry cleaner to press them with their industrial equipment.  Event tablecloths are much larger than the average ironing board!
  • Lastly, you will have to make arrangements to have someone bring your decorations home from the venue if you are planning on leaving directly for your honeymoon after the reception.

If you find yourself with more cons than pros about DIYing your wedding decorations, here are a couple of options that might help you out:

  • Hire a florist or stylist who does florals to create them for your wedding.  Florists and stylists will usually include transportation to the venue so you don’t have to worry about getting them there or removing them after the wedding.
  •  A stylist can help you create the tablescape that suits your style.  They may even have items like candles, vases, lanterns, chargers, signs, linens and other wedding items that they can rent for less than the cost of purchasing it yourself.  Because they will probably rent them several times, they do not have to charge you the actual cost of the item.  You can often get a better quality item as a rental for the same price you would pay for purchasing an economy choice item.
  • A stylist will deliver your decorations, set them up and come back after the wedding to collect them.  If these tasks are being handled for you, you will be able to enjoy spending time with your family/friends .

As a mother-of-the-bride who has married two daughters, one with a walk in/walk out wedding, the other with a DIY (actually, do it myself, including the flowers) wedding, I prefer having someone to do it for me.  It was more enjoyable spending time with my friends and family and not worrying about getting the tables set and everything in place.  It was also less stressful to walk out at the end of the night and wave good-by than loading everything up in my SUV to bring home.  That would be why I am writing this today, the day after, instead of unloading everything that came home with me last night (except the hubby, I did let him come in last night)!